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Fumigation Machine

FumigationUnhealthful meanings have so far been used in the process of cleaning of foods but these toxic substances are coming in for modifying firmer critique. seriously face the problem of residuals. Consequently, analysis were attempted to substitute and replaces such chemicals with natural reside-free and surroundings favorable disinfestation procedures.

We provide the latest fumigation process. According to the latest pesticide fumigation services, the primitively packed agricultural product is disclosed to supercharged CO2 atmosphere. The infestation is done on the optimum circumstance and oscillation period of few hours is needed of the product that has to be fumigated. No requirements for any special pre or post treatment.

The process is environmentally compatible and thereby carries off the problems of residuals by keeping off the application of the so far ordinarily applied vicious gases with a process of pressure disinfestations with Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

Toxic Substances have so far been used to control/destroy insects e.g. Ethylene Dioxide is used for disinfestation of foods but these toxic substances are coming in for increasingly stronger criticism. Substances like Methyl Bromide, Hydrogen Phosphide etc. also face the problem of residues seriously.

Therefore, research was undertaken to substitute and supersede such chemicals with natural residue-free and environment friendly disinfestation processes. In this new process of fumigation evolved the originally packed agricultural product is exposed to pressurized CO? atmosphere. The infestation is done on the optimum condition and cycle time of few hours is required for the products which have to be fumigated. No special pre or after treatment is necessary. Products are taken to a special enclosure and the enclosure is flooded with gaseous CO2 to the required final pressure and the subsequent expansion takes place in another vessel.

By avoiding the use of the so far commonly employed poisonous gases, with a procedure of pressure disinfestations with Carbon Dioxide (CO2), the procedure is environmentally compatible and thereby eliminates the problems of residues.

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Evaporators & Vaporizers

Commonly CO2 is stored in its liquid form in low pressure vessel and is vaporized for use separately application. S S Gas Lab Asia, Delhi has formulated vaporizers in order to minimize costs for CO2 vaporization. These are of following types:-

Atmospheric Vaporizers
Atmospheric Vaporizers consist of a special heat exchanger with copper tubes and aluminum blades. In this, close air is used and thus significant energy saving is attained as equated to the electric vaporizers. Induction can be done easily as the vaporizers are provided in one unit ready for use.

Air Cryogenic Vaporizers

Air Cryogenic Vaporizers Air cryogenic vaporizer has element spatial arrangement considerably greater than convectional; natural action close vaporizers and therefore allows continuous operation without defrosting feature of convectional units. There are no moving parts, no utilities or no additional power required in this vaporizers. These units are maintenance free and especially economical, however highly efficient for vaporizing gases or fluids.

Product Details :
Automatic GradeSemi- Automatic
Power SourceElectric
ApplicationGas Industry,Pharmaceutical Industry
Pressure High Pressure

Fin vaporizers comprises of two or more finned aluminum elements, multiply together around unseamed high pressure tube and climbed vertically. Each element has eight fins that allow for high capacity execution and faster de-icing.

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Steam Heated Vaporizers
Steam evaporator carries off the use of valuable electrical energy, which is demanded on other types of evaporators. The principle used in this vaporizer is that the reasonable heat of steam is used to evaporate liquid CO2 and the condensation is mechanically got rid of. The capacity of evaporator can be planned to most comfortable heat transportation. Safety valves, reduction valves, shut off valves and filters are furnished to check trouble free functioning of the instruments. Steam trap is also provided to conserve the expenditure of the steam and automate removal of condensate.

Steam evaporator is a cost effective system of evaporation, wherever steam is available at the site like with bottlers, breweries etc. Steam heated vaporizer is a parallel tube heat exchanger. Liquid CO2 is in the center tube and steam is in the shell.

Electrical Vaporizers
In electrical vaporizers, air is blown into the set of broke water tubes through which liquid CO2 is propagated for evaporation. By this process, change over takes place at regular time interval. This process goes on to give continuous stream of evaporated CO2 gas. Two sets are broadly used. When one is used, it gets forested due to low temperature of liquid CO2 starts evaporating. The antecedently used tube gets set up once again.

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