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CO2 Gas Plants

Our CO2 Gas PlantsMost Abundant Gas
CO2 Gas Plants is a system to generate Carbon Dioxide. CO2 is in a gaseous form at standard temperature and pressure. It is slightly poisonous, colorless and odorless gas, utilized for various industrial functions. CO2 being the most abundant gas in the aura plays a vital part in human's life process, like respiration, digestion and photosynthesis. The consumption and production rate of carbon dioxide is heavy at plastics, fertilizers, rubber and various other industries. CO2 plants are usually supplied complete purification of CO2 on a turnkey basis.

Our CO2 Gas Plants
Way back in 1923, when we started our venture at Rawalpindi, we were the first to start the manufacturing of CO2 gas in North West India. With partition, we moved our business to Delhi but built our first CO2 plant at Ranchi in the year 1980. Prior to partition, our CO2produced by us was used to make aerated water for the English Army. CO2 produced that time was actually a bye-product CO2 plants. Slowly with proper research and advanced technique, we developed industrial bye-product utilization and CO2 extraction. We gave concentration to CO2 extraction with causing any harm to the atmosphere or the environment.

Product Details :
Output (cubic meters per day)0-1, 1-5, 5-10, 10-20, 20-30, >30
Waste Input (per day)0-100 kg, 100-500 kg, 500-1000 kg, 1-5 ton, 5-10 ton, >10 ton
Applicationindustry gas

S S Gas Lab Asia, Delhi is the leading manufacturer and supplier of many products and equipment like CO2 gas plants, dry ice plants, CO2 gas filling equipment for the chemical industry.

With time, we started using the latest techniques. There are constant research work going on in our R&D Department and constant innovation from our experienced professionals which have helped us to not only manufacture CO2 but also designing CO2 recovery and production plants. Our company has mastered the art of liquification, solidification, storage, transport, delivery and injection- infusion systems. We have studied foreign technologies but produce our products suitable to our end users, especially our Asian customers.

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CO2 Recovery Plant

CO2 recovery plant These are extraction plants which operate depending on CO2 in the gas sources from turbines, combustion engines, boilers, chemical processes and natural sources. Our CO2 extraction/recovery plant proves an effective alternative to a conventional CO2 production plant

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Biogas Upgrading with CO2 Recovery

Biogas Upgrading with CO2 Recovery Gas Lab provides complete suite of innovatively designed biogas upgradation technologies; adsorption, advanced amine separation, water absorption for different biogas stream compositions and sizes. Enriched biomethane produced in Gas lab's specially designed biogas upgradation systems, can be used as a replacement of natural gas or LPG in industries or as vehicle fuel replacing CNG.

CO2 from the Gas Lab biomethan upgradation systems can be recovered for commercial sale or can be sequestered to produce commercially salable by products. Gas Lab has developed many Co2 applications for water & soil pH correction which can be combined with the upgradation system to provide an unbeatable advantage to any agricultural activity.

Product Details :
Automatic Grade Automatic
Design Customized
Work ModeAutomatic

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Biogas Plant

Biogas Plant S S Gas Lab Asia offers several technologies to produce and enrich biogas to CBG (compressed biogas) which may be sold directly or used for the production of electricity. CBG easily replaces natural Gas or LPG in many applications due to its similar calorific value and lower cost. Biogas is produced by means of anaerobic digestion.

Gas Lab offers :
Biomethanation plants : Biogas results from anaerobic fermentation of organic biomass generated from tanneries, distilleries, agricultural dairies, municipal wastewater treatment plants, industrial waste treatment facilities, landfills, and agricultural waste or crops. GAS LAB Biomethanation plants use anaerobic digestion technology to convert high solid waste organic to biogas. The biogas contains biologically-derived methane which is contained and captured in a gas storage tank which is located separately to the main digester, or alternatively can form its roof. Thus, biomethane produced can safely be converted to energy in efficient, combined heat and power (CHP) engines. These systems also produce a nutrient-rich effluent which is a safe & organic liquid fertilizer that can be applied to crops, flowers, and trees.

Product Details :
Automatic GradeAutomatic
Output (cubic meters per day)>30
Plant DesignCustomized
Waste Input (per day)5-10 ton, >10 ton

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Water pH Controller ( Carbonic Injection System)

Water pH Controller GAS LAB provides application oriented technology solutions for Carbon dioxide , built on the firm foundation of continual in-house and collaborative research along with decades of global experience.Gas Lab offers the state-of-the-art CO2 injection system that provides highly accurate pH control. CO2 is naturally occurring substance therefore safe and eco-friendly alternative to the mineral acids in pH control applications. pH control with Carbonic Injection System (CISx) finds applications at different stages in water treatment like pretreatment stage, desalination post-treatment stage, re-carbonation stage, flocculation stage and disinfection stage.

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CO2 Plant

CO2 Plant The carbon dioxide gas plants based on biomass and flue can be manufactured in different capacities. This, of course, depends on the available input and client requirement. CO2 plants run due to combustion of various fossil fuels including heavy oil, diesel oil, kerosene or natural gas depending upon availability & pricing. Through appropriate combustion of the fuel, scrubbing, stripping and separation technology, the CO2 gas thus conforms to strictest CO2 quality standards. We supply our plants with a special control panel that ensures continuous and trouble-free operation.

Product Details :
Automatic GradeAutomatic

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Water Treatment Plants

Water Treatment Plants S.S. Gas Lab puts up all variety of water treatment plants for numerous necessities. With many years of experience in this field, we advocate the most effective treatment strategy. Our qualified applied scientist is devoted to serve you and figure out your problems associated to waste material and water treatment.

The natural water is not pure. It always contains impurities in the form of suspended solids and dissolved solids. The number of impurities depends upon the origin of crude water. Hence the water available must be handled by different methods before use.

Some of the methods used for water treatment plants are :-
  • Chemical Dosing :
    On-line chemical dose, full-fledged chemical dosing system and gravity type chemical dosing systems with tank metering pumps and piping etc.

  • Package Drinking Water Treatment Plants :
    Include flash mixing, flocculation, chemical dosing, deciding filtration and medical aid in single portable package plant. Tube settlers can also be allowed for tightness.

  • Swimming Pool Water Treatment :
    System constituting hair strainers coagulation, compact filters, overflow nozzles, cascade aerators, chlorination and pH correction units, suction sweepers and other pool fittings.

  • Filtration Plants :
    Gravity filters activated carbon filters, cartridge filters, vertical and horizontal pressure sand filters, iron removal filters etc.

  • Supply Formulated Chemicals :
    SSGLA cater water treatment chemical substance for boilers feeds, oxygen savages, sequestering agents, coagulation, chlorination, defoaming agents, corrosion inhibitors, de-scaling chemicals for corrosion prevention chemicals, algaecide chemicals for cooling water treatment, effluent naturalizations chemicals etc.

  • Pretreatment Plants :
    Various mixers, clarifier settling tanks, tube settles, agitators, flash flocculates etc.

  • Chemical Cleaning :
    Our company takes in charge of the complete job of pre-commissioning and post functional chemical cleaning of boilers, heat exchangers and other special equipment for removal of oil, pipelines condensers, coolers, copper, and iron oxide scale, grease mill scales hardness scales etc.

Product Details :
Automation GradeFully Automatic
Capacity Inlet Flow Rate (cubic meter/hour)100, 500
Water SourceBorewell Water, River Water, Industrial Effluent, Industrial Wastewater, Commercial Waste Water

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CO2 Gas Generation Plants

CO2 Gas Generation Plants Generating plants are grounded on various fossil fuels combustion including kerosene, diesel oil or natural gas. The CO2 gas plants conform to the most rigid CO2 quality standards, done by appropriate fuel combustion, stripping, scrubbing and breakup technology. CO2 gas plant is supplied with an exceptional instrument panel that ensures uninterrupted and problem-free functionality. All equipments installed on the slides are cabled to junction boxes anterior to loading cutting down commissioning and installation time on site.

Recovery Plant
The CO2 Recovery plants operate as screening base to the inventions that we have formulated in the recent period. We make sure of the functioning level of the procedure before availing them commercially to the clients. We, ourselves, are running CO2 plant also and hence we can understand the virtual problem that may come in running the plant. So we can easily address them right away as soon as any such issues come up with our customer.

CO2 extraction plants are founded on the presence of CO2 in the gas sources from chemical processes , combustion engines, boilers and turbines and natural sources. A CO2 extraction plant proves an efficacious substitute for a conventional CO2 production plant, where an subsisting raw gas source with a comparatively low CO2 content is available.

Enhanced Oil Recovery : A well is a very big hole dug in the ground. Sometimes it contains water, some times it contains oil and sometimes it has got Carbon-Di-Oxide gas mixed with water. The oil wells turn to give sub normal output, after its continuous use. The Carbon-Di-Oxide injection helps in recovery of more oil from the well. The addition of Carbon-Di-Oxide gas through injection (of gas) some times gives extra oil by about 30-40%.

The injection of Carbon-Di-Oxide does the following :
  • Reduces the viscosity of the oil and allows it to come out and flow easily.
  • The C02 gas mixes with the oil like water and the oil becomes carbonated and expands forcing the oil to come out of the tight openings in the rock and to waiting extraction wells
  • The mixture of oil and Carbon-Di-Oxide also dissolves some rock thus making it more porous which results in more yield of oil.
Since there is lot of Carbon-Di-Oxide which is used in the wells, therefore, the cost of Carbon-Di- Oxide is also to be considered. There is a talk of using C02 from the boiler flue gases after enrichment with a membrane.

Since the quantity of C02 used in the wells is considerable and hence one can be sure of getting.

Carbon Credits : The oil well can be used for storing C02 or we can say underground disposal of C02. This gives rise to possibility of use of C02 at a latter period when we wish. Thus this fulfills dual role of increasing oil production and storing C02 & definitely we can dispose of carbon now each carbon credits.

There are many examples in the world to obtain Carbon-Di-Oxide from various sources and to carry and use Carbon-Di-Oxide on the well head, for better recovery of oil.

CO2 from Chemical Reactions : Many a time one has the requirement not to fill the big cylinders from the storage tank but to fill small cylinder / C02 extinguishers / cartridge from big cylinders. In such eventuality the revert gas is not important as the quantities concerned is not big.

Product Details :
Automatic GradeAutomatic, Semi- Automatic
Production Rate98%
UsageCarbon Dioxide
ApplicationNitrogen /Oxygen/Air
Manufactured productGases

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The Process Dry Ice Plants Applications of CO2 Why our CO2 Gas Plants?
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